About Us

Mfilms was founded in 2000 by award winning Director / DP Rob Gardner. It began with the premise that quality production value can be achieved at most any budget level.

Mfilms experience and capabilities allows them to aid their clients in all stages from development through post-production while consistently maintaining their high standards for preparation and close attention to details. Mfilms has produced and provided production and post production in numerous visual genres, from commercials, corporate content to reality television, documentaries and feature films.

Mfilms works closely with their clients in all aspects of visual storytelling from development and preproduction through production and post production. They take great pride in their brand of intelligent filmmaking and give each project the style and attention it deserves. Mfilms has built on their success, thanks to the innovative technique and personable attitudes of Mfilms’ staff and crew, creating an environment of support and collaboration with clients both behind the scenes and on the set.